Posted on: May 2, 2010 12:25 pm
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NY Giants Draft Grades

It’s been a over a week since the draft, so I have had adequate time to digest and develop some initial reactions to the Big Blue pix.

Overall strategy (Grade C-): I am concerned about an apparent lack of drafting for needs.  DE and DT were not nearly paramount on the needs list.  What did we do?  Took a DE 15th overall who is a project with great tools in the first and a mountain of a DT in the second.  Safety should not have been on the list with Rolle signed as our free agent gem this year and Kenny Phillips return.  That said, if Phillips is not ready, I am willing to concede a 3rd pick for insurance.  I really hope to be proved wrong at MLB as Dillard was a late enough pick to make me very nervous.  Almost cavalier.  Do the Jint brass really think that the hole at MLB can be filled by Dillard, Goff, Wilkinson or Blackburn?  This is the defensive quarterback.  I am not a believer here at all.  An unwillingness to trade up or go after a proven vet like Morrison who was traded shortly after the Raiders made him expendable by taking the guy we needed, McClain, heaped even more disappointment on this draft for me.

Round 1 (Grade C) Jason Paul Pierre, DE: Very risky picks can reap huge rewards.  Despite recent news of possible back issues, he has the tools but is so rough gotta be concerned.  Given the depth we have at DE and the serious needs we have elsewhere this was a very unnecessary risk to take with so much other talent on the board.

Round 2 (Grade B) Linval Joseph, DT:   A lower risk pick, but once again one where depth at the position demanded attention  further down in the draft than 2nd round.  That said, this kid looks like he could be our ultimate answer to the middle of that D-line.  Now if we can trade Canty back to the Cowboys?

Round 3 (Grade B+) Chad Jones, SS: Kid looks like great value at the position.  Will probably make us happy long term as even if Phillips is back, with the nature of the injury, he will not be playing safety for us in 5 years.  This kid will.  Maybe we should have taken a Safety for this need earlier?  Probably would have like to have had Taylor Mays in the second and Dan Williams in the first instead.  We could have reached for a DE here with Everson Griffen.

Round 4 (Grade B+) Phillip Dillard, ILB: Good value here for the position of biggest need.  Kid is rough.  Needed less of a project.  Now we need a vet that can hold down the fort and teach the kid how to play it until he is ready for it.

Round 5 (Grade A+) Mitch Petrus, G:   My favorite pick of the draft.  Depth at guard was a need in my eyes going into the draft.  This guy is a monster who can develop and eventually take over for Seubert in a year or 2.  He will probably compete with Kevin Boothe for the privilege.

Round 6 (Grade B) Adrian Tracey, OLB: Played DE but is projected to shift to OLB and provide depth.  Drafted this late, we’ll have to see how playing DE for 4 years at William & Mary will work out.  Reese obviously like this guy’s motor and physical gifts.

Round 7 (Grade F) Matt Dodge, P:   Wasted pick.  All I have read about this guy leads me to believe he doesn’t make the team.  A punter with lack of leg strength could be a problem.  Further knocks on this kid are that he does not get good hang time and has to resort to rugby style kicks when trying to pin it inside the 20.

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